General Terms and Conditions valid from 1.11.2018

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “GTC”) govern the conditions for the provision of accommodation, catering and other services by HIMEX PLUS s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as the “Hotel”) at Hotel Barónka****, Mudrochova 2, 835 27 Bratislava for the Customer (hereinafter referred to as the “Guest”).

  1. Booking of services:
    1. Services shall be booked by the Customer in his own name or for the benefit of a third person in person, by telephone or in writing. The order must include, in particular, the name and surname of the guest, the date of the services ordered, the range of the services ordered and the contact details.
    2. The order becomes binding after being confirmed by the hotel. Confirmation of the order is at the hotel’s free choice. In exceptional cases, by mutual agreement, the hotel may issue an advance invoice, in which case the order becomes binding on the day of payment of the advance invoice to the hotel’s account.
  2. Service prices, payment terms and cancellation terms:
    1. The hotel charges the guest with prices based on current valid pricelists.
    2. The price stated in the booking confirmation is binding for both parties. However, if the period between the booking and the stay exceeds 6 months and in the meantime the price for the subject of the order has generally increased, the hotel may reasonably increase the contractually agreed price by a maximum of 10%.
    3. The guest is obliged to pay for the services ordered in advance, at the latest upon arrival. Later payment or invoice payment is only possible based on a written agreement with the hotel management.
    4. The guest is required to pay for services provided beyond the initial order during his stay at the hotel’s reception no later than on the day of departure.
    5. If the payment is delayed, the hotel is entitled to claim default interest on late payment.
    6. The guest is not entitled to offset any outstanding and/or unpaid cash claim against the hotel’s claim.
    7. The cancellation terms listed in the booking confirmation are binding on both parties.
    8. The hotel is entitled to exceptionally withdraw from the contract in case of force majeure.
  3. Terms and method of providing services:
    1. The hotel can accommodate only a duly registered guest. Guests will be registered at the reception upon arrival based on a valid identity card (ID card or passport).
    2. Every guest who is not a citizen of the Slovak Republic is obliged to fill in and sign the Declaration of Residence according to Act no. 404/2011 Coll. on residence of aliens.
    3. The guest may be accommodated on the day of arrival no sooner than at 14:00, or at 12:00 in case of stays, unless otherwise agreed in the written booking confirmation.
    4. In case of non-refundable booking or if the guest has paid for the accommodation prior to arrival, the hotel is obliged to keep the booking until 18:00 unless otherwise agreed in the written booking confirmation. In case of no-show/cancellation of such booking, the deposit is irrevocable. If the guest ends his stay sooner than arranged in the booking, the hotel is entitled to charge the guest for the whole stay.
    5. The hotel reserves the right in exceptional cases to offer the guest accommodation other than agreed, unless it substantially differs from the confirmed order at the agreed price.
    6. The guest is required to leave the hotel room/apartment on the day of departure no later than at 10:00 am, unless otherwise agreed in a written booking confirmation. In case of leaving the room until 14:00 the guest will be charged a fee of € 18, in case of leaving after 14:00 he shall be charged a fee amounting to the price for one night.
    7. The hotel may extend the guest’s stay only if there is a free room. The hotel may also offer a guest room with a different price than the one in which he had been originally accommodated. The guest is not entitled to require accommodation in the room in which he had been originally accommodated.
    8. Breakfast is provided to the hotel guests free of charge or a la carte according to the hotel’s occupancy.
    9. Entering catering facilities in a swimsuit, bathrobe or with luggage is not permitted.
    10. Guests are not allowed to consume their own food and beverages at the hotel’s premises.
    11. Small pets are charged according to the current pricelist. Pets are not allowed in the catering facilities. The guest is responsible for any damage caused by the animal during the stay. It is not allowed to leave the animal without supervision alone in the room during the stay.
    12. Children are allowed to enter the clubhouse only if they are accompanied by an adult at his/her own responsibility. The parent or accompanying adult is required to pay attention to the safety and play of the child. The hotel does not bear any responsibility for the child in the clubhouse.
    13. The hotel offers free access to the swimming pool and sauna. The hotel’s relaxation centre runs a Swimming Academy. Do not use hotel towels and bath towels when entering the relaxation centre.
    14. From 22:00 until 6:00 am the guest are obliged to observe quiet hours.
    15. In case of illness or injury to the guest, the hotel will provide medical assistance. A record about the accident will be made at the hotel reception. The first aid kit is located at the hotel reception.
    16. Guests are required to become familiar and comply with this valid hotel policy, their ignorance shall be disregarded.
    17. Other Terms and Conditions are valid only if otherwise agreed in writing.
    18. Complaints are governed by the hotel’s valid Claims Policy, which is available at the hotel reception.
  4. Liability for Damage:
    1. Smoking in the hotel is forbidden, except for smoking rooms.
    2. If the guest is found smoking in non-smoking rooms or in other rooms of the hotel, a penalty of €100 will be charged to him/her. If a false alarm is triggered, a fine of € 500 will be charged.
    3. It is forbidden to use narcotic and psychotropic substances in the hotel and to wear or store a weapon and ammunition.
    4. The hotel does not allow guests to move facilities or equipment or to make any adjustments or interventions.
    5. The hotel does not allow guests to use their own electrical appliances except chargers, laptops, shaving machines, hair dryers and similar personal hygiene equipment.
    6. Before leaving the hotel, guests are required to switch off the light in the room and the room’s accessories, close the water taps and close the door properly.
    7. For safety reasons, it is not allowed to leave persons under the age of 18 and animals unattended in the room or in public areas.
    8. The guest is obliged to put waste only in dedicated containers.
    9. The guest is responsible for all damage caused during the stay/event. If the damage has been caused by a child, the responsibility lies with his legal representative.
    10. If the guest deliberately damages property of the hotel, if he/she is in breach of the principles of good behaviour and morality, harasses other guests by his/her behaviour, his/her state of health puts guests and staff at risk or for reasons of force majeure, the hotel is entitled to immediately withdraw from the contract and terminate the guest’s stay/event without a refund.
    11. In the event of damage to hotel property, the guest will be charged a fee based on the extent and nature of the damage/pollution. If the fact is found after the guest’s departure, the hotel is entitled to debit these receivables upon notification by issuing an invoice to the guest and by sending the account to the guest’s address.
    12. The hotel does not take responsibility for the things that the guests will bring or leave in the hotel, for their damage or loss. Guests are required to use the safe in the rooms (4* rooms) or at the reception (3* rooms). The use of a safe cannot be considered as a takeover of goods into custody by the hotel.
    13. The hotel is not responsible for things forgotten or lost on the premises of the hotel. Items found are only sent further at the request of the guest and at his own expense. Items found are stored in the hotel for up to three months. Upon expiration of this period, the items are destroyed.
    14. The hotel is not responsible for any loss or damage of a vehicle parked in the hotel car park or things left in the car.
    15. The hotel is not responsible for any damage caused to the guest outside the hotel.
    16. Visits in the rooms are forbidden. For this purpose the guest can use shared reception premises and dining facilities.
  5. Final provisions:
    1. The place of services performance is the hotel Barónka****, Mudrochova 2, 835 27 Bratislava
    2. These GBCs shall enter into force on 1.11.2018.
    3. Should individual provisions of these GBCs became ineffective or invalid, the other provisions will remain valid.
    4. The legislation of the Slovak Republic applies.
    5. The place of jurisdiction is Bratislava.


In Bratislava, 31.10.2018

Ing. Tatiana Mäsiarová
Executive manager